Audio Transcription Services

Working with a transcription company that uses machine technology can lead to errors throughout the transcribed text.

Our transcription services are 100% human-generated – leading to the highest quality and most accurate transcriptions every time.

We are also able to offer the most cost-efficient prices – it’s the reason why we have a 99% retention rate with each of our clients past and present.

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Transcribe Audio to Text Easily and Securely

Audio transcriptions are necessary for medical recordings, legal proceedings, presentations, videos, podcasts, business meetings, and more.

We offer transcription audio services for over 200 different languages across every industry. It doesn’t matter what the file length or file type is – we have an audio transcriber that has the experience that will fit your transcription needs.

Our global team is filled with an audio transcript maker for every industry including medical, legal, business, and more.

We make our services simple for you – all you need to do is upload your audio files or send them by email. We also have options for hard copies such as CDs which can be sent by mail.

Our audio transcriptionists have experience with any issue – including bad file quality and background noise. They are accustomed to the thickest of accents and can pick up on every inflection, dialect, and small detail inside of each audio file.